About Us

Timber Mesa Fire and Medical District is dedicated to consistently provide superior emergency, safety and educational services for our customers. The department runs a variety of calls ranging from house fires, hazardous material incidents, wild land fires in our 200 plus square mile district and to medical calls in our 400 plus square mile ambulance response area. Timber Mesa continues to grow in order to keep up with the needs of our customers and growth of the community. Timber Mesa Fire and Medical District consists of the areas formerly known as Linden, Lakeside, Show Low, and White Mountain Lakes Fire Districts  and constantly strives to gain and hold the respect and loyalty of the communities we serve.

Core Values


Our employees are our most valuable asset; without their commitment and respect, our mission cannot be achieved. We are committed to their welfare and safety. We recognize that our customers are deserving of our respect, concern and care.


We value the public’s trust and we are committed to honest, ethical behavior in the achievement of our mission. The members are accountable to our community and the District in all we do.


We are a professional organization and we recognize that members have the responsibility to ensure professional conduct at all times. Professional service is achieved by providing well-trained, dedicated, competent and hard-working members.


We believe in selfless service. We are here to serve our customers; going above and beyond to make a positive impact on our community. We are a community owned and operated entity which exists to serve our customer’s needs.


We are a publicly supported organization with financial responsibility to our citizens. We value this relationship and strive to remain cost-effective in our service delivery.


We believe in a team-oriented, positive, progressive approach to management. We seek out and value input from all levels in the organization, our neighboring agencies and our community. We encourage the members to take ownership in the District.


We value innovation and change. We must change and evolve to meet the future needs of our customers. We will seek new methods, resources, training/education and cooperative agreements to meet these needs.


We are community leaders. We benefit our customers through risk management, emergency services and community involvement. The District will implement policies and procedures based on industry best practices to demonstrate our commitment to our community and our members. 

Mission Statement

The Timber Mesa Fire and Medical District is a public service organization dedicated to proactive efforts to reduce risks in the communities of the White Mountains and protect our customers’ lives and property.

Vision Statement

We strive to provide superior fire and medical services by empowering our employees to be proactive risk managers and leaders, who are committed to improved and effective community service.