100 Club of Arizona Grant

Glove grant - The 100 Club

A big thank you to 100 Club of Arizona for our new gloves! All of our firefighters received a second pair of gloves through a grant process from the 100 Club. The purpose of this is to lower the risk of cancer when our firefighters fight structure fires. Having two sets allows them to use their second set while their first set gets cleaned after a fire. They also all have a second pair of turnouts provided. A previous grant from the 100 club supplied us with a second structure hood for our personnel.

As an organization dedicated to the health and wellness of its firefighters, this grant brings us that much closer to providing all our personnel with a second set of proper protective gear. Our goal is to protect our people 100% and we're one step closer. 

Visit the 100 Club of Arizona's website for further information on how they support public safety!

100 Club of Arizona