Community Risk Reduction (CRR) is an proactive effort to reduce loss of all manner within a community. Part of this risk reduction effort is accomplished through code enforcement and inspections during the new business development process, general fire inspections, operating and special use permitting and complaint investigation – all with an eye toward keeping our community safe.

There are two main types of inspections done by the Fire Prevention and Life Safety Division:

Construction Inspections

Inspections that take place during new construction and remodel projects. Inspectors provide technical expertise in reviewing construction plans for sprinkler and alarm systems. They also conduct final inspections of fire protection systems prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy by the Town or County Building Department.


Existing Occupancy Inspections

Timber Mesa Fire conducts fire and life safety inspections throughout the boundaries of the District.

This program assists building owners, managers and occupants identifying and resolving fire and life safety issues that could cause injury to people and damage to property or businesses.

Education and proper prevention methods are discussed during regularly scheduled inspection visits across a mix of buildings including apartments, churches, light industry, commercial, retail, office, schools, motels, hotels and other similar buildings.  Timber Mesa conducts annual fire safety inspections on all commercial occupancies, including home day cares located within the District boundaries.

To have a construction inspection completed, the applicant must have first provided a set of construction plans for approval, for new construction or renovation. 

Submit plans to the City of Show Low, Town of Pinetop/Lakeside, or Navajo County first, depending on where your construction project is located and they are forwarded to the Fire Department for review. Once the plans are approved, comments from the fire district will be returned to the appropriate jurisdiction and processed accordingly.  Any construction phase completed that requires an inspection by the fire district needs to be requested a minimum of 48 business hours in advance.

Annual inspections are automatically scheduled and assigned but sometimes an inspections report may be needed sooner than the scheduled inspection. Such facilities are generally licensed by the state or federal government. If this is the case you just need to call and set up a time.


The following information must be provided:

  • Permit Number
  • Exact address including suite number
  • Name of project and type of occupancy
  • Purpose for requiring an inspection  and
  • A call back phone number, name of company and contact person’s name.

You will speak to an inspector or receive a call back if one is not available with a confirmation of the date and time (morning or afternoon) for your scheduled inspection.

Please ensure to have approved plans bearing the Timber Mesa Fire and Medical District stamp on the job site. No inspections or tests will be conducted without them and will result in a reinspection fee.

The contractor is responsible for inspecting their own work to ensure it conforms to the approved plans, maintaining approved plans on site for the inspection,  pre-testing any system(s) to ensure they function properly and verifying that the work to be inspected is in all manner ready for inspection prior to calling to schedule the inspection.

In the event a contractor is not prepared for the inspection at the time the inspection is scheduled, the contractor must cancel the inspection a minimum of two (2) hours prior to their scheduled time. If the inspection is not canceled a minimum of two (2) hours prior a reinspection fee may apply.

To schedule a fire inspection, call:

(928) 537-5100